This is just a brief article to publicise my official website and my indiegogo campaign to raise funds for an ethical game I have designed.



I’d also like to apologise for being very slow to respond to comments. I’m afraid I’ve never formed good correspondence habits. I tend to be one of those people from whom you might receive a xmas card in January. However, I will make the effort this year to be more prompt in responding. Just know that I appreciate your feedback very much even if you don’t hear back from me. I am particularly apologetic to Robert Jordan, Ph.D. Robert submitted a very interesting description of a hypothesis he has been working on in relation to belief formation. I will get back to you Robert. If you want to have a read of it, it is in the comments section of my article “Cognitive Style and Belief Formation”.


If you’d like to have a look at my website it is at . There is a widget link on the website to my Indiegogo campaign, but this is the direct link  .

More articles are on the way.